So you’ve booked yourself a shell scheme space and with that package purchased from the organiser you get a carpet, 1x 500w socket, ceiling grid with lights and a facia with a name board…BUT

You’ve seen a shell scheme stand where the stand looks better as they’ve opened up the space by taking away the ceiling grid and fascia and built their stand to 2.5m high or higher.


If you want a shell, use the shell. If you want a more open space, use the space only plot.

It causes problems when amending a shell. The organiser gets the instruction from you to take the ceiling and facia away but they don’t tell the contractor. Or the contractor doesn’t tell the builders. Either way the stand builder gets to your site and there is a problem.

Want a better looking stand –  save some of your budget with the space only plot and design a stand that uses the height (simple structures can be built to 4m height)

These confusions come from the question of budgeting and design. How much do you want to invest in the show and what would you like yourselves to look like?

I think for a lot of SME’s it makes sense to take a space only plot, get the best location and really make that stand sing for you.

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Cheers David