604, 2022

ASIT in Aberdeen

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We were back up at the P&J live in Aberdeen recently. Couple of stand builds to do and just realised it is so good to be back working on stand design and build again.

Last September was the start of a year and a half of anxiety but we weathered the storm and managed to get through it quite well and now we are cooking with the proverbial gas!

We live chatting about all things exhibition stands, so get in touch and have a chat with me.

604, 2022

Edinburgh Gin @ The Ideal Home Show

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Edinburgh Gin @ The Ideal Home Show

Another new customer on board and this was the first little stand we’ve produced for Ian Macleod Distillers with their Edinburgh Gin Brand.

Pretty simple 4m wide backwall with tension fabric graphics, counters with storage for all their sampling stock and the usual services required to deliver the stand.

We re-used their shelving display unit and gave it a makeover.

All good, client delighted and onto the next event, Food and Drink Expo in Birmingham.

310, 2021

Digital Screens on your Exhibition Stand

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Screens are the future and the future is now. Having a mix of static graphics and moving content is becoming more relevant for today’s exhibitors.

There are stands which are almost completely made up with digital content, they are mega, both in look and expense. For some exhibitors it’s a must, but at what stage do you seriously start thinking about taking bigger screens or more screens?

A lot is to do with the content. If you’ve got a product that needs to be seen to be understood then having screens is a must if you can’t bring that product to the show.

There are some really impressive integrated led tiles that fit seamlessly into the stand build system now. Aluvision and beMatrix have such tiles.

I think the big change is when the technology becomes more affordable. There are rollable led’s now on the market. You could just cover large walls with these and power up your maxi sized display.

Everyone will have seen Simon Cowells set building for X Factor. Just mind blowing. Every act was ina different world but on the same stage. Walls and flooring all digital. The effects they could create were simply stunning.

So imagine doing the same on your stand.

The motion graphics people are going to become a fast growing sector in business exhibitions, mark my words.

310, 2021

Top 5 3m x 3m shell scheme designs

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There are many ways to dress a 3m x 3m shell scheme, here we take you through the top 5 ways to do just that.

1 – Popups. The good old popup has been around for years. Put a 3×3 straight into the backwall and you’ll just fit it in with 150mm to spare either side. These kits are quite heavy at 25kg but they come in a large wheeled case which can be used as a branded table.

2 – Fabric displays are much lighter than popups and have become really popular. One large printed fabric sock is pulled over a push fit aluminium frame. No magnetics, no graphic joins. There is a system called Modulate and they have various sizes which do magnetise together and can create a bigger display filling the full stand.

3 – Shell cladding has been done in various forms for years. Historically you could get rigid or semi-rigid panels that velcroed onto plastic fixings that connects to the shell posts. These panels are quite good but not as good a full fabric walls. Now you can build your own portable frame that fixes to any shell scheme and attach the graphics and cover each shell wall with graphics. Then use them again at the next show. Lovely!

4 – Isoframe Wave is an extendable portable display which has a consistent width of graphic at 800mm wide. The great thing about this kit is the ability to add or take away panels to fit different sized spaces. Lots of accessories which add to its flexibility.

5 – T3 stand building in shells gives you the next step up making your stand look more professional. It really works when adding in screens and because all the bits can be re-used in different spaces it does make economic sense when you’re wanting to invest in a system and do the stand building yourself.

All of these options work, which is best for you is down to certain factors. Who’s building it? How are you transporting it? What your budget is? What other spaces do you book?

If you’re just not sure and need some advice give us a shout, we’re here to help. We’ve got many years of helping companies exhibit and are happy to pass on our knowledge to help you to have better success at events.

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