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Thoughts from David, non specific to what we do, just a place to say what’s on my mind and to have a blether.

  • It's mid November and we are winding down our stand building for the year...and what a year! Covid shutdown is a distant memory! At this time of the year [...]

  • It's all for my boys! Well that was epic! 1 month down and I feel that I need a weeks holiday! It seems in the events space that opportunities come [...]

  • Following quickly on from my last post Redblu have also another string to our bow which we haven't told anybody about (because we are a small company without a [...]

  • I've got so set in my ways when describing what we do here at Redblu that I've lost track of the other ways of saying the same thing. Confused? Let [...]

  • We were back up at the P&J live in Aberdeen recently. Couple of stand builds to do and just realised it is so good to be back working on stand [...]

  • Edinburgh Gin @ The Ideal Home Show Another new customer on board and this was the first little stand we've produced for Ian Macleod Distillers with their Edinburgh Gin [...]

  • We were down in Coventry this week and saw this cracking little exhibition stand. Why go freebuuld when modular looks this good? The thing that got us was that there [...]

  • I built my first exhibition stand over 20 years ago. It was a system called Deltamatrix. Fixed frame system that went together extremely quickly and we made some pretty cool [...]

  • Well it's been a long time coming but EXHIBITIONS ARE BACK! Hallelujah! Nobody could have imagined when the government locked us all down in March 2020 that everything would change [...]

  • I had a walk around Livingston Designer Outlet and the Centre on Sunday past. Actually quite enjoyed the experience as it was quiet, easy to park and easy to [...]

  • I remember my dad always saying to me when I was at school, "this is the best time of your life, you have tonnes of time to do what you [...]

  • I was sitting at my he office most of yesterday working on our new website. Our existing Drupal website is version 7 and it's quite cumbersome to update so decided [...]