It’s all for my boys!

Well that was epic! 1 month down and I feel that I need a weeks holiday!

It seems in the events space that opportunities come in waves.

Well I’ve been fighting and trying to keep on top of the wave these last 4 weeks.

Getting a new productivity software into working order as the enquiries start flowing. Tricky!

Getting in the region of 75 stand build enquiries in a month is like running as fast as Usain Bolt into Iron Mike Tysons right hook!

When you’re the person making the decisions it sometimes takes its toll. By Friday night I’m needing a glass of red!

One of the most important life lessons that I learned was to do your best. My team have taken heed and do everything in their power to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

So it’s then quite fulfilling when you get feedback from our customers that they had a great show, it makes the effort worth it.

I’ve always felt that you need to earn respect. You only earn  it when you get good at whatever it is you do. That takes time.

We’ve spent a lot of time getting good at what we do. Learning lessons at every turn. Asking ourselves questions and critically analysing our process. What incremental improvement can we make to what we do.

Well it’s starting to pay off. Our exhibition stand builds start from £2,500. Most of them are between £5,000 and £20,000. Our biggest project is £75,000.

We don’t advertise and we do not market. We get recommendations and warm enquiries from google. What is key is listening to every one of these customers and using our knowledge to put proposals together that deliver results.

Will you be the next customer to join the Scottish boothbuilders Redblu?