Are you in need of a new exhibition stand concept, but don’t know where to start? Do you need some ideas for how to present your new shop front, both inside and out? Or maybe you want a new brochure to present to potential clients and are looking for a fresh look. We’re on hand to help you with as much or as little creative input as you need.

We can bring a fresh perspective to any project, rooted in reality so you can be sure that our suggestions are achievable in timescale and budget.

Exhibition Design

Exhibition and trade show stand design is all about understanding how people use space. Uniquely in this case, the events are usually just a few days each, and visitors are having their senses bombarded from every angle by all the other exhibitors. The emphasis needs to be on visually differentiating yourself and catching people’s attention in a way which represents your brand. We are experts at distilling down to the essence of what you are trying to achieve and helping you get there.

Interior Design

The spaces we inhabit impact our mental state and quality of life in so many ways. We help clients find the right layout, products, graphics and materials to ensure that they create the best environments for their people. We design, lay out and visualise projects, as well as advise on best practice, drawing on our experience.

  • DMS Showroom Concept
  • DMS Showroom Concept
  • DMS Showroom Concept
  • DMS Showroom Concept
  • DMS Showroom Concept

Retail Design

Showstopping window displays and innovative in-store merchandising solutions can be achieved easily and cost-effectively with the right ideas and materials. We will work with you to visualise your sales spaces and advise on the best materials and systems to use to achieve the right look. We also design and develop freestanding kiosks and experiential retail experiences for both indoor and outdoor use.

Signage & Systems

Sometimes linked to retail design, shop signage is another core area for us. We design exterior fascia and entrance signage, as well as directory and wayfinding signage for inside stores. We also work on signage systems for hospitality, leisure and educational sectors and can advise on creating a cohesive visual look and rolling it out in various materials and formats across a site.

  • Drumoig Golf Centre Signage
  • Drumoig Golf Centre Signage
  • Drumoig Golf Centre Signage
  • Redblu Cosmetics Visualisation
  • Bean There Coffee Co Product Visualisation


As well as them being included as standard in exhibition and retail design projects. we offer 3D visualisations for architectural projects such as residential and commercial developments, plus product and promotional product visualisations too. Concept visualisations are a great tool for helping you understand how a completed project will look, and allows for testing of different materials and finishes much easier than physical prototypes.

Print Design

Lots of what was once printed material may now be online, but brochures, business cards and promotional print still plays an important role for many businesses. We design all kinds of printed materials, taking into account the substrate textures and finishes to ensure you get the exact product you need. In addition to the items above, this includes things like business stationery, notepads, menus, leaflets, tickets and more.

  • Print

Graphic Design

Working with new and old companies on a daily basis, we see all manner of branding come and go. We keep our finger on the pulse and can create branding and marketing materials that are on trend and will help your business grow and prosper. The output may fall under one of the other categories above, but core to any is a strong brand and we are well positioned to support businesses of all shapes and sizes with our graphic design services.

Creative Projects