Project Description

Active Communites are a Renfreshire based organisation focused on local community health and fitness. They tasked us with a development and streamlining of their branding to incorporate their multiple sub-brands and groups into a single, more coherent style. As they had adopted all the various groups and events into the Active Communities family, each had it’s own logos and colours which made it difficult to explain how they were all related. We worked closely with the Active Communities team to understand how all the groups were linked and created and revised logos and styles as appropriate to tie them all together.

As well as the logos, we also created templates for Active Communities poster and leaflet promotional materials, as well as digital content for them to share on their social media channels.

This was all compiled into an easy-to-use brand guidelines and style document.

As well as all of the above, we have produced their annual reports, plus numerous other reports and workbooks for Active Communities, both printed and digital, which help them tackle health issues in schools and the community as a whole. Keep up the great work guys!