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3009, 2021

Space Only or Shell Scheme?

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Should I upgrade to a space only exhibition stand?

I get asked this question quite a lot. Many exhibitors start out by taking the easy option which is a shell scheme. You get your walls, a carpet, a socket and some lights.

You turn up with your portable display and off you go.


Does that make the impact that you want? Does it grab the attention you need?

You could upgrade to space only. There is more to do but you open up the space and importantly you gain height. Upto 4m. It allows for higher level branding without going to the added expense of a hanging structure.

And you actually pay less psqm for your plot.

It’s only once you’re finished the show and audited the conversions and worked out your ROI that you’ll know for sure.

But remember who your competition is, what do they do and do it better. Exhibitions are about impressions and if you look like the poor relation is the market going to choose you or your competitor?

Food for thought!


3009, 2021

Exhibitions are back

By |September 30th, 2021|Categories: David's Blog|Tags: , |0 Comments

Well it’s been a long time coming but EXHIBITIONS ARE BACK! Hallelujah! Nobody could have imagined when the government locked us all down in March 2020 that everything would change so much.

However, change it has and life won’t be the same again.

Our love of exhibiting has remained and through the tough times we tried to stay as positive as we could. It’s tough staying positive when there’s nothing but bad news and negativity. I wonder how you all coped?

So we’ve now been allowed to open back up and start our business proper again. We’re back into the factory and able to help our customers.

Redblu has a large stock holding of exhibition equipment which we reconfigure to fit into different spaces. It’s a pretty sustainable way to deliver custom stands, minimal waste with us!

If you want to have a chat about what we can do to help you exhibit successfully, give us a shout, hit us up on social or even do that old school thing, meet face to face!

Cheers David


1108, 2020

Window Graphics

By |August 11th, 2020|Categories: David's Blog, Signage|Tags: |0 Comments

I had a walk around Livingston Designer Outlet and the Centre on Sunday past. Actually quite enjoyed the experience as it was quiet, easy to park and easy to get in and out of shops and with lockdown I hadn’t had to endure the shops for a few months. Well, while I was walking around with my family trying to keep my 2 monkeys entertained while the better half browsed it was interesting to take note of what the retailers were doing to draw in customers.

The Body Shop Windows

So you’ve got The Body Shop using hanging posters in their windows. The most simple solution for short term advertising. Very easy to change and very cost effective.

Window Graphics

The SALE poster as you’ll see is a pretty common site at the moment but they have beautiful images and dressed mannequins showing off their current range of clothes. The large images at the back of the window are fabric Silicon Edge Graphics (SEG) mounted into Tension Fabric System (TFS) frames. Would this make you want to go in and browse?

Window Vinyls

So another sale sign, this time at XILE who I think offer some pretty trendy clothes and shoes. The SUMMER SALE part is made using cut vinyl lettering and the 50% off is a sticker. Sometimes these are made with window cling making it easy for the staff to put up themselves. Cut vinyls depending on the size may need expert installation to get them looking perfect.

Window Graphics

Well what do you know, another sale, the famous Debenhams Blue X Sale which is their max discount 70% off. I always thought that if they can sell a product at that discount the product must have been too expensive in the first place, but what do I know. Anyway the posters look like they’re self standing rather than hanging this time. Not sure of the clothes would want me to walk in and buy though.

Check out all the pictures I took in the gallery below

  • Window Graphics
  • Window Vinyls
  • Window Graphics
  • Window Graphics
  • Cut vinyl window graphics
  • Window graphics
  • The Body Shop Windows

1507, 2020


By |July 15th, 2020|Categories: David's Blog|Tags: |0 Comments

I remember my dad always saying to me when I was at school, “this is the best time of your life, you have tonnes of time to do what you like, when you want”. Well he was right on the time aspect. Where does it go?

With my boys being 2 and 4 they tend not to like playing too long on their own. Dad, can you come play, or can we go for a walk? So at the moment I get work done in short, irregular bursts. Hazel my wife works for the NHS and an aesthetics clinic so she is always busy. So daddy day care is working overtime! It’s funny but the blessing for the virus is the amount of quality time I’ve been able to spend with Brodie and Charlie.

With the virus destroying our events and exhibition side I’ve taken the time to rethink our business. To that end we’ve built a new website showcasing the other areas of business we offer. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Anyway I enjoy taking half an hour out from the mayhem, to chill and relax. Think it’s important to take stock and clear the head.

Only thing I’m missing is a drink but I’m trying to be good and drink a little less often so not on a school night ?

Cheers for now

1407, 2020

Is anyone else really tired?

By |July 14th, 2020|Categories: David's Blog|Tags: |0 Comments

I was sitting at my he office most of yesterday working on our new website. Our existing Drupal website is version 7 and it’s quite cumbersome to update so decided rather than upgrading professionally to version 8 jump onto WordPress.

Anyway whether it was a lot of screen time or something else I was whacked. Fell asleep while the boys were having their dinner. Not done that ever.

Feeling much the same way this morning even though Fitbit tells me I had a good sleep. Busy day coming up with trip to Glasgow, meetings and then back to Edinburgh for meeting on the golf course. Things getting back to normal slowly. Brodie asked me this morning when the virus is going as it’s so boring. I explained that it’ll be here for a while but we can go to the park. Very happy boy.

Is there anyone else out there who is feeling really tired? Hope I don’t have the virus!

My boys waiting patiently for breakfast

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