I remember my dad always saying to me when I was at school, “this is the best time of your life, you have tonnes of time to do what you like, when you want”. Well he was right on the time aspect. Where does it go?

With my boys being 2 and 4 they tend not to like playing too long on their own. Dad, can you come play, or can we go for a walk? So at the moment I get work done in short, irregular bursts. Hazel my wife works for the NHS and an aesthetics clinic so she is always busy. So daddy day care is working overtime! It’s funny but the blessing for the virus is the amount of quality time I’ve been able to spend with Brodie and Charlie.

With the virus destroying our events and exhibition side I’ve taken the time to rethink our business. To that end we’ve built a new website showcasing the other areas of business we offer. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Anyway I enjoy taking half an hour out from the mayhem, to chill and relax. Think it’s important to take stock and clear the head.

Only thing I’m missing is a drink but I’m trying to be good and drink a little less often so not on a school night ?

Cheers for now