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30 01, 2023

Exhibition Stand Contractor, Glasgow, Scotland

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Following quickly on from my last post Redblu have also another string to our bow which we haven't told anybody about (because we are a small company without a marketing person) and we've been very busy post covid working. Excuses! Redblu is an exhibition stand contractor. So yes, we design and build our individual exhibition stand projects and deliver them across the UK. From 6sqm tiddlers to over 100sqm monsters. But....... We also deliver whole shows as an exhibition stand contractor. Like this big boys like Full Circle and GES (but on a much smaller scale) To date our biggest conference [...]

30 01, 2023

Boothbuilder Glasgow

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I've got so set in my ways when describing what we do here at Redblu that I've lost track of the other ways of saying the same thing. Confused? Let me explain - I always say when asked what Redblu do is that we offer a variety of Creative Branding Solutions and we specialise in modular exhibition stands. Full service, from brief to delivery, including the 3d design, project management, logistics, installation and dismantle. Well that is fine for the UK customers, but not from abroad. Our friends from overseas describe exhibition stands as booths. So it follows that we at Redblu [...]

16 01, 2023

Readybooth Space – What is it?

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Want a stand out resence at your next trade show? We understand the difficulties of exhibiting. Have a read of this article 10 Steps to Ensure Exhibition Success which was written to help exhibitors with little experience get better results when they are tasked with "sorting out their companies' trade show booth! Anyway Redblu have created a new concept in exhibiting where you can build your stand from standard components. A pick list of features if you like. Step 1 - Walls 2.5m high 3m high 3.5m high Step 2 - Counters Step 3 - AV Choose from [...]

16 01, 2023

Readybooth Custom – What is it?

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Step 1 - Walls Choose your wall height, options are 2.5m or 3m Step 2 - Features We have lots of features you can add to your stand, Choose from: Arches Lightboxes High Walls to 3.5m Walk in storage Step 3 - Counters, plinths and product displays Our standard counter is 1m wide x 0.5m deep x 1m high, white melamine top with shelf and doors to back and 3 sides of printed graphics. BUT.... we can create multiple variations from this. Wider/narrower, bigger/smaller, higher/lower, add lighting, lockable. Add AV. We can free stand or built into the walls. [...]

16 01, 2023

10 Steps to Ensure Exhibition Success

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Hi I’m David and I’ve been involved with exhibition stand design and build for over 20 years. I wanted to share some helpful information based on my experience. I hope it will help Marketers deliver better results when they exhibit. Plan Early Give yourself plenty of time. Ideally at least 6 months before an event. Think the 5 P’s – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance­­ Book your Space Early Booking early means you can select the best space available. Booking late means your choice will be limited, Think back corner of the exhibition hall that nobody goes to! Scope of Works [...]

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