Want a stand out resence at your next trade show? We understand the difficulties of exhibiting. Have a read of this article 10 Steps to Ensure Exhibition Success which was written to help exhibitors with little experience get better results when they are tasked with “sorting out their companies’ trade show booth!

Anyway Redblu have created a new concept in exhibiting where you can build your stand from standard components. A pick list of features if you like.

  • Step 1 – Walls

    2.5m high

    3m high

    3.5m high

  • Step 2 – Counters

  • Step 3 – AV

    Choose from 32″, 43″, 50″ and 65″ screens

  • Step 4 – Flooring

    Choose carpet or vinyl.

  • Step 5 – Venue

    Where and when are you exhibiting?

That’s it.