• Step 1 – Walls

    Choose your wall height, options are 2.5m or 3m

  • Step 2 – Features

    We have lots of features you can add to your stand, Choose from:

    1. Arches
    2. Lightboxes
    3. High Walls to 3.5m
    4. Walk in storage
  • Step 3 – Counters, plinths and product displays

    Our standard counter is 1m wide x 0.5m deep x 1m high, white melamine top with shelf and doors to back and 3 sides of printed graphics. BUT…. we can create multiple variations from this. Wider/narrower, bigger/smaller, higher/lower, add lighting, lockable. Add AV.

    We can free stand or built into the walls. Add a plinth to the bottom and add LED lighting.

  • Step 4 – AV

    Think content first, what are you showing and how you want to show it. Standard options are screens @ 32″, 43″, 50″, 65″. 4k or HD. Or add LED Tiles to make a real splash!

  • Step 5 – Flooring

    Basics are carpet or vinyl straight to show floor. Need to run cables from the backwalls then you need a platform. Our standard offering is 40mm Eco Floor, the UK’s most popular raised platform. We then add a carpet, vinyl or artificial grass and finish the edges with aluminium trim.

    We are working on offering 100mm platform and LED edging, watch this space!

  • Step 6 – Project

    On any custom project we need to complete various tasks to deliver a successfully.

    • SOW – Scope of Works
    • 3d Design
    • Technical Designs
    • Electrical Plan
    • Graphic and Panel Plans
    • Approval to Build – Submission of stand plans, RAMS/CDM
    • Graphic Design if not outsourced
    • Production of graphics and any custom elements
    • Pre-Build
    • Logistics
    • Installation
    • Dismantle

When designing a custom modular stand you can choose various options to make the stand your own. These steps outline the main options available.