Should I upgrade to a space only exhibition stand?

I get asked this question quite a lot. Many exhibitors start out by taking the easy option which is a shell scheme. You get your walls, a carpet, a socket and some lights.

You turn up with your portable display and off you go.


Does that make the impact that you want? Does it grab the attention you need?

You could upgrade to space only. There is more to do but you open up the space and importantly you gain height. Upto 4m. It allows for higher level branding without going to the added expense of a hanging structure.

And you actually pay less psqm for your plot.

It’s only once you’re finished the show and audited the conversions and worked out your ROI that you’ll know for sure.

But remember who your competition is, what do they do and do it better. Exhibitions are about impressions and if you look like the poor relation is the market going to choose you or your competitor?

Food for thought!