When getting vinyl prints on Windows or signs it is really important to check what material your supplier is intending on using.

For most longer term applications (3 years plus) a polymeric vinyl should be used. This material is made in a different way to monomeric and doesn’t shrink as much. So, if you imagine the print goes to the edge of the window then this material will stay there.

If a monomeric vinyl was used then over time it will shrink and the edges will start to lift. Once this happens the vinyl will start to lift.

The third type of vinyl is cast. Now this is the daddy of vinyls. Suitable for 10 years plus lifetime. You’ll see these vinyls on premium signage and vehicle branding with deep recesses. This is because it is the hardest wearing but also this type of vinyl can be heated when installed and the memory changed so it moulds into the recesses. This ensures the vinyl does not pop back out like cheaper vinyls.

It is always advisable to laminate the print too. It is best practise to use the matching laminate. Ie use a polymeric laminate with the polymeric print.

This also helps stop the sun’s UV rays effecting the vibrancy of the inks leading to better colours for longer.

Also be aware there are different adhesives. Permanent and removable temporary. Vinyls used for short term advertising are best with removable as they are easy to take back off.

Not that you’d be interested but in the trade to make life easier for fitting there are air escape patterns in certain adhesives which allows the air to flow out when applying. As pretty much every vinyl is applied by pros this is a mute point but if you did want to apply yourself then this makes life a lot easier to stop bubbling on application.

So there you have it, a little bit of helpful advice when choosing the right self adhesive vinyl.

If you’re not sure you’re getting the right material drop us a line, we’re always happy to help ?