2008, 2020

Informatics Ventures – EIE Design

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For a number of years we have provided design support to Informatics Ventures for their EIE (Engage Invest Exploit) Conference. We act as the exhibition supplier for the event which includes the supply a small exhibition ‘pod’ for each of the startup companies hoping to secure investment. We layout and provide templates for all of the structures we provide, allowing companies with in-house design teams, or existing design partners to submit their files for us to print onto their stands. The design support also allows us to provide creative graphic design to those companies or teams who don’t have their own design support. The result is a set of very varied briefs from exhibitors which is always a great and interesting challenge!

In addition to the graphics for the panels, we have also provided design and production for various other elements including reception counters, sponsor booths, phone charging stations, wayfinding floor graphics and stage dressing elements as well!

EIE is a great event and we love being involved every year.

1308, 2020

GCRM Tube Campaign

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We worked with GCRM (Glasgow Centre for Reproductive Medicine) on a campaign to highlight the benefits of egg donation to young women to be run on Glasgow’s underground system. Consequently, the same information had to work as a half page brochure advert, 4 sheet poster and also in the overhead advertising sections of the tube carriages themselves for maximum exposure.

1308, 2020

Alvic Sliding Wardrobes

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We have designed and printed multiple items for Alvic over the past few years. From some lovely spot-UV laminated business cards, to product brochures and more recently some updates and flyers when they moved to a new HQ too. Their charcoal, orange and white colour scheme is very striking and holds up well against the competition.

1308, 2020

Drumoig Golf Centre

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We designed and produced the signage for Drumoig Golf Club, increasing the centre’s visibility from the roadside, and directing visitors around the site. This included entrance, car park, directional, practice range and tee signage, as well as signage and avertising of the Trackman products at the club shop.

An added complication was the adjacent public right of way footpath, so multiple clear signage items were required for the safety of people using that as well!

1308, 2020

DMS Reprographics Showroom Interior

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We were asked to come up with some creative interior solutions for DMS Reprographics newly refurbished showroom. The brief was to keep the space welcoming and easy to navigate but to divide it up into smaller areas to display and demo different products. The showroom also had to include meeting spaces and and open plan desks for the accounts team to work from. Designed using the Unibox system and incorporating tensioned fabric graphics and lightbox elements, the client loved the concepts and the project is ongoing, so watch this space!

1308, 2020

Cactus Industrial Brand Development

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We took Cactus Industrial’s strong existing logo, and developed a brand presence based on a limited colour palette and metal textures. Their products are fairly niche within the energy and renewables sector so it was important to have a strong and recognisable brand to give them a presence in a competitive market.

We also developed sub logos to represent their two major product catergories which could be used across their marketing materials to differentiate what products do what job.

This style was rolled out across multiple exhibition stands and other printed materials to create a cohesive brand feel.

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