Project Description

The Centogene exhibition stand is a modern and professional setup, designed to attract and inform visitors. The stand is constructed with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, featuring white panels contrasted by the company’s branding in bold letters.

The front of the stand boasts an inviting open space, welcoming visitors to step inside and explore. To the right, there’s an interactive display where attendees can engage with information about Centogene’s offerings.

Inside the stand, there are designated areas for one-on-one consultations or discussions. These spaces are furnished with high chairs and tables, providing a comfortable environment for more in-depth conversations between the staff and attendees. The interior lighting is soft yet ample, illuminating the space without being overpowering.

The overall layout of Centogene’s exhibition stand is both functional and aesthetically pleasing – designed to facilitate easy flow of traffic while providing necessary information and interaction opportunities for visitors.