Courtesy of the fantastic team over at FaceTime, these videos are packed full of useful insights and info on planning your exhibitions and executing your marketing strategy at the event to really maximise your return on the investment you made in attending.

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Episode 1: An Introduction to Exhibitions2020-03-24T22:40:48+00:00
Episode 2: Selecting the right exhibition for your business2020-03-24T22:42:15+00:00
Episode 3: Setting your exhibition objectives2020-03-24T22:42:27+00:00
Episode 4: Planning you exhibition presence2020-03-24T22:42:46+00:00
Episode 5: What to do as soon as you book your stand2020-03-24T22:43:05+00:00
Episode 6: Getting your exhibition stand right2020-03-24T22:43:29+00:00
Episode 7: Pre-marketing your exhibition activity2020-03-24T22:48:25+00:00
Episode 8a: Maximising your exhibition presence with printed sponsorship2020-03-24T22:49:54+00:00
Episode 8b: Maximising your exhibition space with digital sponsorship2020-03-24T22:50:40+00:00
Episode 9: Organising and managing your exhibition stand staff2020-03-24T23:39:14+00:00
Episode 10: Market the experience2020-03-24T22:52:38+00:00
Episode 11: On- stand experience2020-03-24T22:53:32+00:00
Episode 12: Engaging with visitors2020-03-24T22:54:28+00:00
Episode 13: On- stand giveaways and promo staff2020-03-24T22:55:46+00:00
Episode 14: Collecting your visitor data2020-03-24T22:56:42+00:00
Episode 15: Prospecting & exhibition follow up2020-03-24T22:57:33+00:00
Episode 16- Measuring your exhibition success and effectiveness2020-03-24T22:58:25+00:00