911, 2020

Renovate your hotel furniture

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The most famous hotel chains trust Cover Styl’ to renovate their establishments with our Cover Styl’ adhesive coverings. Enjoy the results and opt for Cover Styl’ adhesive vinyls for your renovation projects. Headbeds, side tables, armoires, elevators, doors, desks, bathrooms… everything is possible!

Want to discover the many possibilities and advantages of our self-adhesive vinyl films for your hotel renovation projects? Visit the manufacturers website at

With its self-adhesive vinyl films with visual and tactile properties of natural materials, Cover Styl’ is the economical solution to give your hotel walls and furniture a new life. Wood, marble, metallic, leather, fabric and many other textures, our self-adhesive vinyl film will satisfy all your desires!

Cover Styl’ adhesive coverings are odorless, dust-free and safe to apply. The preparation time for installation is considerably reduced since you don’t need to protect furniture, doors or walls before installation. Unlike paint, this product doesn’t cause splashing. For this reason, Cover Styl’ is ideal when the room to be renovated cannot be “closed for renovation”.

Aesthetic, economical, quick to install and durable, the renovation of your walls and furniture with our adhesive vinyl ranges has never been easier. With Cover Styl’ self-adhesive vinyl films, why replace when you can upgrade?

904, 2020

Interior Graphics for Commercial Premises

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Interior Graphics can make a great first impression to anyone visiting your premises.

Investing in interior graphics in your own space can have many advantages including:

  • Visual impact for first impressions.
  • Further advertising for your companies own products or services.
  • Unique talking point – the world loves imagery!
  • Allows your business to stand out from the crowd and stick in customers minds.
  • Inspiring employees; four white walls can be soul destroying to look at day in and day out, a pop of colour can be a breath of fresh air and aid employee production.
  • Customer orientation – Interior graphics isn’t just about fancy images, it can also be directional signs, e.g. reception, bathrooms, fire exit as well as health & safety signage.
  • Helping to convey your company message clearly.

We have worked on various interior graphic installs and aside from designing & building exhibition stands, installing & creating graphic interiors could be up there with one of our favourite services & products we provide.

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