1402, 2023

Shell or Space Only – Keep it simple!

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So you’ve booked yourself a shell scheme space and with that package purchased from the organiser you get a carpet, 1x 500w socket, ceiling grid with lights and a facia with a name board…BUT

You’ve seen a shell scheme stand where the stand looks better as they’ve opened up the space by taking away the ceiling grid and fascia and built their stand to 2.5m high or higher.


If you want a shell, use the shell. If you want a more open space, use the space only plot.

It causes problems when amending a shell. The organiser gets the instruction from you to take the ceiling and facia away but they don’t tell the contractor. Or the contractor doesn’t tell the builders. Either way the stand builder gets to your site and there is a problem.

Want a better looking stand –  save some of your budget with the space only plot and design a stand that uses the height (simple structures can be built to 4m height)

These confusions come from the question of budgeting and design. How much do you want to invest in the show and what would you like yourselves to look like?

I think for a lot of SME’s it makes sense to take a space only plot, get the best location and really make that stand sing for you.

Want a chat about how we can help, drop me a line.

Cheers David

1601, 2023

Readybooth Space – What is it?

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Want a stand out resence at your next trade show? We understand the difficulties of exhibiting. Have a read of this article 10 Steps to Ensure Exhibition Success which was written to help exhibitors with little experience get better results when they are tasked with “sorting out their companies’ trade show booth!

Anyway Redblu have created a new concept in exhibiting where you can build your stand from standard components. A pick list of features if you like.

  • Step 1 – Walls

    2.5m high

    3m high

    3.5m high

  • Step 2 – Counters

  • Step 3 – AV

    Choose from 32″, 43″, 50″ and 65″ screens

  • Step 4 – Flooring

    Choose carpet or vinyl.

  • Step 5 – Venue

    Where and when are you exhibiting?

That’s it.

1601, 2023

Readybooth Custom – What is it?

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  • Step 1 – Walls

    Choose your wall height, options are 2.5m or 3m

  • Step 2 – Features

    We have lots of features you can add to your stand, Choose from:

    1. Arches
    2. Lightboxes
    3. High Walls to 3.5m
    4. Walk in storage
  • Step 3 – Counters, plinths and product displays

    Our standard counter is 1m wide x 0.5m deep x 1m high, white melamine top with shelf and doors to back and 3 sides of printed graphics. BUT…. we can create multiple variations from this. Wider/narrower, bigger/smaller, higher/lower, add lighting, lockable. Add AV.

    We can free stand or built into the walls. Add a plinth to the bottom and add LED lighting.

  • Step 4 – AV

    Think content first, what are you showing and how you want to show it. Standard options are screens @ 32″, 43″, 50″, 65″. 4k or HD. Or add LED Tiles to make a real splash!

  • Step 5 – Flooring

    Basics are carpet or vinyl straight to show floor. Need to run cables from the backwalls then you need a platform. Our standard offering is 40mm Eco Floor, the UK’s most popular raised platform. We then add a carpet, vinyl or artificial grass and finish the edges with aluminium trim.

    We are working on offering 100mm platform and LED edging, watch this space!

  • Step 6 – Project

    On any custom project we need to complete various tasks to deliver a successfully.

    • SOW – Scope of Works
    • 3d Design
    • Technical Designs
    • Electrical Plan
    • Graphic and Panel Plans
    • Approval to Build – Submission of stand plans, RAMS/CDM
    • Graphic Design if not outsourced
    • Production of graphics and any custom elements
    • Pre-Build
    • Logistics
    • Installation
    • Dismantle

When designing a custom modular stand you can choose various options to make the stand your own. These steps outline the main options available.

1601, 2023

10 Steps to Ensure Exhibition Success

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Hi I’m David and I’ve been involved with exhibition stand design and build for over 20 years.

I wanted to share some helpful information based on my experience. I hope it will help Marketers deliver better results when they exhibit.

  1. Plan Early
  • Give yourself plenty of time. Ideally at least 6 months before an event.
  • Think the 5 P’s – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance­­
  1. Book your Space Early
  • Booking early means you can select the best space available.
  • Booking late means your choice will be limited, Think back corner of the exhibition hall that nobody goes to!
  1. Scope of Works
  • This entails writing a detailed brief. Your needs and your wants.
  • Think of who you are and what you want to say at the show to the audience.
  • Remember you have a 3 dimensional space, width x depth x height
  • Features? AV, Products to displays, high level banners, LED’s, graphics
  1. Engage an experienced stand builder
  • Research and then select 3 stand builders and give them your detailed brief.
  1. Early design agreement
  • Once you’ve decided on your stand builder then agree the final 3d designs as early as possible.
  • These 3d technical models allows the stand builder to create graphic dimensions, panel plans and build plans and a pick list. All the items needed to deliver you stand.
  1. Show Manual
  • Organizers don’t tend to send you this when you book early but once it is available send to your stand build contractor so they have all the information to hand to do their job.
  • Read it yourself so you are aware of everything. It’s all there, but it’s a hard read!
  1. Pre-Event Activities
  • Ordering services like furniture, electrics, AV, rigging, Wifi – will it be you or the stand builder?
  • Marketing – Tell everyone that you are going – Think email signatures, website, advertising, e-marketing to your customer and prospect list. Social channels. Newsletter.
  1. During the event
  • Work the floor. Rotate staff. Have staff at edge of stand, get eye contact, smile, a quick, hi, how you doing. It works!
  • If passers by stop and look at something on your stand it’s your chance to interact. Don’t sell, just engage!
  1. Post Event
  • Follow up leads. Get them into your sales pipeline.
  • Review – be honest, what was good, what was not. Did you see anything at the show that you would like to do next time.
  • Make a note of it.
  • Audit the costs so you can work out you ROI.
  1. Plan for the next show earlier than before!

I hope this helps, drop me a line if you’ve got any questions, I love to chat



604, 2022

ASIT in Aberdeen

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We were back up at the P&J live in Aberdeen recently. Couple of stand builds to do and just realised it is so good to be back working on stand design and build again.

Last September was the start of a year and a half of anxiety but we weathered the storm and managed to get through it quite well and now we are cooking with the proverbial gas!

We live chatting about all things exhibition stands, so get in touch and have a chat with me.

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